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RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

23 Degrees 5 Minutes by Austin Kenny

A festive full-tilt comedy in costume..

Christmas is a time for the old-fashioned instead of the new-fangled, and what could be more old-fashioned than a Victorian varsity venue where a mystical mathematician is toiling away at a grand equation that will explain Absolutely Everything? In the course of his calculations he may even morph into a figure familiar from certain fizzy drinks and papal fashions; but the clues to this Claus are in kindness and not in costume.
Robert O’Mahoney and Michael James Ford play two professors on the trail of truth - which leads, not to the head, but to the heart of things. Austin Kenny’s brand-new story is set to flourish as a future Christmas favourite.

Robert O’Mahoney played Professor OritMichael
James Ford was his pupil and protégé Nicholas Babbage
Dr. Sawyer was played by Bosco Hogan
Dr. Redlaw by Patrick Dawson
Dr. Brodie by Joe Taylor
Karl O’Neill was the sports coach Hamilton
Kevin Flood ... Professor Wilberforce
Peter Hanly played the undergraduate Wilkes (pr. Wilks)
The fiendish Tarquin Drake was played by Hugh O’Conor
and Sam McGovern was his cruel confederate
Alone of all her sex, Sharon Hogan played the sole daughter of Eve

Sound supervision was by Damien Chennells

Producer Aidan Mathews

1st TX 16/12/12

1st Repeat 08/12/13

51 minutes 37secs