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Shirley Temple Killer Queen by Alan McMonagle

two unmanageable sisters!..

Shirley Temple Killer Queen written by Alan McMonagle 

Sibling sister assassins-for-hire, Mel and Lu, have just turned up at the location for their very last kill – a ramshackle bar that has most definitely seen better days.

Into the bar they swagger, along with plenty of ammo, two guns, one switchblade knife and enough attitude to ensure that the overly inquisitive barkeep is not going to give them the runaround. 

But something feels 'off.  And several rounds of their favourite cocktails later, in this darkly comic realm of the absurd, the sibling assassins are about to discover what that something is...

Featuring stars of Fair City Nyree Yergainharsian,and  Rebecca Grimes and The Abbey Theatre's most recent Leopold Bloom,  David Pearse 

Sound supervision Mark McGrath

 Directed by Gorretti Slavin 

1st TX Sunday 28th July 2019 

Duration 44minutes 13 seconds 

listen to Writer Alan McMonagle talk about the story behind the play