RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

The Curse of the Button Accordion

written & performed by Sharon Mannion

The Curse of the Button Accordion Written by  Sharon Mannion, 

Sharon is not a happy child! On the contrary she is a young girl obsessed with the predictions of Nostradamus, the third secret of Fatima and the end of the World! She is worried that she doesn’t have a future, has no talent and falls under every radar.  This all changes however when she meets Frank.  

 Frank her button accordion changes Sharon’s life, goes everywhere with her, is the talk of the town and gives her a ‘funny feeling in her tummy’ that she thinks may be self esteem. But as all the great love songs say, ‘nothing lasts forever’ and as catastrophe after catastrophe follows Sharon the only explanation is that it’s all Frank’s fault. 

Featuring Joe Taylor & Sue Collins 

With special thanks to Musician Peter Browne, 

&  to Fiona Rigney 

Sound Supervision was by Mark Dwyer 

Written & Performed by Sharon Mannion 

Directed by Gorretti Slavin 

Duration 47mins3secs
1st TX  Sunday 1st July 2018