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PJ O'Connor Awards 2017 Results

and the winners are...

The PJs" -  The RTÉ Drama On One Radio Writing Awards in honour of the late PJ’O’Connor
The 2017 competition was judged by an international jury consisting of three eminent and distinguished radio drama professionals;  Gunhild Nymoen, director and dramaturg from NRK Radioteatret, Norway; Reto Ott director and producer from SRF, Switzerland and chaired by Danish director and dramaturg Jesper Bergmann. The jury was impressed by the artistic quality of the ten shortlisted plays. "A similar competition for new dramatic writing in Denmark, the country I come from, simply would not produce this amount of good quality work", says Jesper Bergmann, chair of the jury.
1st Prize - K.L.O. for the Doggy by Robert Barrett
For the three jury members coming from Switzerland, Norway and Denmark, the comedy "K.L.O. for the Doggy" was a very wonderful and indeed very Irish piece. In a rural setting, it tells the story of Jude who is building a love nest with his new girlfriend but gets disturbed by an old man, known to Jude as Uncle Batty. However, Jude discovers that Uncle Batty holds the key to a small fortune. The story then takes a crazy and unexpected turn: Jude’s plans for the future cloud over as an unexpected and unwelcome character appears. Meanwhile Uncle Batty finds a lover and will marry.  The jury loved the language, the humour and the absurdity of this Irish rural comedy.
2nd Prize  - The Honeysuckle Smasher by Noel Thomas Simpson 
A warm story with great psychological depth. The play tells of a 57 year old man Martin who works demolishing old buildings and is nicknamed "the Smasher" by his colleagues. Martin is a man who deals with life as it comes, tackling problems head on without ever dwelling in sentimental or nostalgic feelings. However, Martin finds himself in a new situation when he has to cope with emotions that he has never confronted before. "The Honeysuckle Smasher" creates a rich gallery of characters in a story which moved the jury profoundly. 
3rd  Prize-  100 Everyday Menaces by John Morton
In a unique way, this story presents to us the inner perspective of a man, who is driven by an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Joe is diagnosed OCD. It is a year since he was last in his hometown and is now back to see his son. He hopes and believes that he will be able to control his compulsions and rebuild bridges. However, distrust and even hostility from his surroundings bring him back to his  old pattern of angst and compulsion.  "100 Everyday Menaces" lets us experience some strong emotional and psychological forces, which may be unfamiliar to us at first sight, but still feels very recognisable.