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RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

Love Joy Peace by Thomas Kinsella

Easter Sunday 2021

  Love, Joy, Peace
Thomas Kinsella is a poet of outstanding humanity, depth and feeling.
Working as a wordsmith over a span of seven decades, Kinsella has used his perceptive skills to explore the mysteries of the mind; and the memory, mysteries that haunt and heal the human heart.
In the following short cycle of poetry and prose, the poet takes us on a private reflection through belief, and unbelief.  
broadcast in memory of his wife Eleanor Kinsella 

 The programme was voiced by the poet and you heard him read
‘Love Joy Peace’,
‘Son of God’,
Blood of the innocent’,
‘Tenants in Common’
and ‘Prayer’.
The music you heard was ‘Voce Intime’ by Sibelius
Sound Supervision was by Tom Norton
Love Joy Peace was produced by Kevin Reynolds

Followed by 

Fighting Cowardice" by Gary Mitchell.

Nick Dunning played The Captain, Private Thompson was Emmet Kirwan and Chris McHallem played the Sergeant. Sound Supervision was by Damian Chennell.  Fighting Cowardice by Gary Mitchell was produced by Kevin Reynolds


Kaddish for King

Martin Luther King's most famous address,  - the "I Have a Dream" speech, in his memory, 53 years after his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee, April the 4th 1968.

Dr King's spirited call for peace and equality still remains a dream. 

The 28th of August 1963 saw a quarter of a million people gather in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC to hear Dr. King speak.  His most famous address, known as the "I Have a Dream" speech, is a masterpiece of rhetoric. The speech makes allusions to the Gettysburg Address, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, Shakespeare and the Bible. In this vintage recording there is a slight drop in quality approximately 6  and a half minutes in, but this is the segment that speaks to the role of white people where King stresses that all freedoms are inextricably linked. This, perhaps, is most pertinent to the people of Ireland and the people in Ireland this Easter Sunday night.  

Pride by U2 as introduced by Jack Nicholson. 
 Happy and a Peaceful Easter.

The Series Producer of Drama On One is Kevin Reynolds

1st repeated TX July 2 2017

4th April 2021