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RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

Forever Yours by Thomas McLaughlin

a boast, a toast, and a ghostly reminder..

Deirdre Monaghan is Gabrielle in television scriptwriter Thomas McLaughlin's new play for radio.

Forever Yours can be a boast, a toast, and on occasion a ghostly reminder that the lives we follow are not always the lives we lead. 

Writer Thomas McLaughlin

 Deirdre Monaghan in the part of Gabrielle 

Her husband Fergus was played by Michael Forde,

her Auntie Bridie by Máire Ní Ghráinne

and her agent Diane by Lise-Ann McLaughlin.

Bernadette McKenna was Sharon, the Hospital Administrator,

Aileen Mythen was Melissa the Interviewer,

Peter Hanly and Darragh Kelly were the two photographers

and Veronica was played by Jennifer O'Dea.

The pianist was Richard McCullough

Sound supervision was by Mark McGrath

Produced by Aidan Mathews.

1st TX 2nd October 2016

Duration: 31 minutes 54 seconds