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RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

Radio Carla by Peter Sirr

deathbed confessions of a forgotten lover..

Radio Carla written by Peter Sirr 

The early novels of the eighteenth century, both in England and in Europe, were often structured in letter form, the so-called 'epistolary mode', by way of enhancing narrative realism, and poet Peter Sirr's new radio-play, which is tonight's presentation in the Drama slot on Radio 1, revisits the ancient convention in a manner which is both recent and remote.

Radio Carla invites us to listen to the intimate audio-cassette confession of a former and forgotten lover in a deathbed testimony to her surviving sweetheart from the other side of time and space. With Andrew Bennett as the astonished addressee, and Olwen Fouéré as the voice of a departed portal into the past, Peter Sirr's script proves again the old theatrical adage that dialogue is what we do to each other.

Olwen Fouéré played Carla,

Andrew Bennett was Joe,

and Deirdre Monaghan ... Louise.

Sound supervision was by Mark McGrath,

Produced by Aidan Mathews.

1st TX 17th Jan 2016 - 47m02s