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RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

To Find a Heathen Place and Sound a Bell

by Kerry Hardie with Olivia O'Leary ..

“To Find a Heathen Place and Sound a Bell” by Kerry Hardie with Olivia O’Leary.

This is a history of three men now counted saints. They owned no wealth, ate little, let their spirits soar.  It made strange beings of them—men who had somehow lost themselves and carried grace like light. To understand their story you will have to let yourself imagine the fierce times they lived in. The Legions had long gone from Britain and the wild tribes of the North seized lands that once were Roman-held, they squeezed the Pax Romana ever Eastwards. The Irish raided: burning, taking slaves—and in their turn their coasts were raided and their people taken. Some thought the Old Ways should be honoured and could still be their salvation, but others saw a new light in the teachings brought to Ireland by the slaves they took. It was a time of change—

Barry Mc Govern played Columbanus and

Eamonn Hunt was Comgall.

Alan Counihan was Fiachra and

Olivia O’Leary played The Mother of Columbanus.

The music was composed by David Power and performed by David Power and Ciarán Somers.

Sound Supervision Mark McGrath

Director was Seán Hardie

 Kevin Reynolds produced.

Listeners might like to know that  “To Find a Heathen Place and Sound a Bell” by Kerry Hardie with Olivia O’Leary will be performed in Bangor Abbey at 3.30p.m. on Sunday November 22nd with Vincent Higgins as Columbanus as part of an interfaith festival to celebrate the 1400th anniversary of Columbanus death.