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Greetings From Fukushima by Erhard Schmied

a German detective, a nuclear family and forty shades of Green ...

Greetings From Fukushima written by Erhard Schmied 

Translated from the German by Andrew Morton

The Fukushima meltdown in faraway Japan refreshed and fortified the terrible memory of Chernobyl at a time when Putin’s Gazprom grand-standing was beginning to impact European politics; but, however catastrophic the back-story, Erhard Schmied’s play is, in many ways, a nicely traditional thriller about eco-terrorism (and family secrets) in a genre that’s dominated nowadays by Nordic noir but is universally reliant on  the evergreen figure of the decently dysfunctional forensic maestro and his conflicted side-kick.

with Patrick Dawson as Inspector Paquet 
Kathy Rose O’Brien as Amelie Gentner 
Aileen Mythen was Charlotte,the Inspector’s daughter,
Deirdre Monaghan as Ina Denner 
Jennifer O’Dea was Saskia Eisenbeiss
Michael J. Forde plays Julius Lanz 
Peter Hanly was Bernd Wohlers

Sound supervision was by Mark McGrath.

Produced by Aidan Mathews.

1st TX Sunday 17th May 2105
45mins 50secs