RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

Testimony by Alan Archbold

A quest, an inquest, and the questions that remain..

We speak of truth. We speak of the whole truth. We speak of nothing but the truth. Where then in the long run does the truth lie? The truth is, the truth lies everywhere. It always lies. It is always unwholesome. It is anything but.

28th December, the play’s premiere, was the Feast of the Holy Family in the Roman Catholic calendar, but most families, however holy, aren’t always happy. Testimony is a tense two-hander in which a middle-aged couple ruminate on the small and sombre detail of a tragic death in the family in the hope of finding light and life at the end of an endless post-mortem involving a culprit as well as a casualty.

Written by Alan Archbold

Andrew Bennett and Cathy Belton star as Michael and Sandra

Sound Supervision

Produced by Aidan Mathews