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Out of the Ordinary

Out of the Ordinary on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra

Brenda Donohue brings you the very best human interest tales from around Ireland that will move and amuse you in equal measure..

Out of the Ordinary on RTE Radio1 Extra DAB & Online 3pm Saturday.

A brother and sister who each undergo a double lung transplant, Ireland's tallest man living with a condition called, 'Gigantism,' and the social jiving teacher keeping marriages together; these are just some of the life experiences that can be heard on, 'Out of the Ordinary with Brenda Donohue.'

This programme will bring the very best human interest tales from around Ireland that will move and amuse you in equal measure. It will reflect and celebrate the common, unexpected and quirky experiences of everyday people.

The stories come from the people themselves as they let us into their lives, sharing their challenges and bringing us along on their personal journey.

You never know what life will throw at you, and how well you will cope with the unexpected, so this can make for inspiring, engaging listening.

Brenda Donohue will present the programme. Brenda is an experienced and popular broadcaster who has the ability to put a listener at ease and has a track record of building trust between the presenter and interviewee.

Brenda has worked on Irish radio for twenty five years and over that time she met many unique individuals. She now wants to bring them on to the radio to tell their personal story. Brenda will visit and interview guests in their homes, place of work or whichever location the story deems necessary.

Programme 7 Saturday 5th December 2015

Lynn is a young mother of five children and has set up Cairdeas Homeless Action. At night when her children are tucked up in bed, Lynn along with other volunteers doles out hot food, clothes and toiletries to the homeless.

On Monday and Friday nights from 9pm to 1am, she has a stall at the corner of Harry Street and Grafton Street where many of the homeless, not just get a hot meal but a friendly, non judgmental chat.

Last Monday night Brenda joined Lynn and the other volunteers.

To find out more about Lynn and her group, check out their face book page on Cairdeas Homeless Action


Programme 6 Saturday 28th November 2015

Pat Kelly is a very busy 71 year old father and grandfather who now works as a bio energy therapist in his Healing Hands clinic in Artane, Co. Dublin.

Some of Pat's clients have claimed that through their visits to him they have been healed and their pain has disappeared. Pat himself isn't quite sure how he does it and is keen to stress that he can't heal everyone and always visit your doctor first.

Pat worked as a butcher for most of his life, and in this week's Out of the Ordinary, he talks us through his journey from butcher to healer.

Pat Kelly

Programme 5 Saturday 21st November 2015

Today Brenda Donohue travels to Cliffoney, Co.Sligo to talk to Gerry and Shauna Gallagher about their son Rory, named after the legendary blues guitarist Rory Gallagher. He was born with Cerebal Palsy and was told he would never walk, but Rory Gallagher fans around the globe raised funds for him to get pioneering surgery in America.

Rory Gallagher

Programme 4 Saturday 14th November 2015

Karl Bowe is the current Mr Ireland and is persuing a successful acting career. So while things are going great for Karl at the moment, this wasn't always the case. For almost 10 years, he suffered at the hands of bullies and his school days were very difficult. However he was determined that the bullies wouldn't defeat him and now as Mr Ireland, he wants to share his story, so that those experiencing bullying will know there's light at the end of the tunnel. Karl is currently living in London with his girlfriend Rachel, whom he met, when they were both contestants on the dating show ' Take Me Out'.

Karl Bowe

Programme 3 Saturday 7th November 2015

This week, Brenda meets Shaun Asbitt who, at 7'4", is Irelands tallest man. He has a condition called gigantism but that hasn't stopped him living a fascinating life. From his work as a doorman in the Olympia Theatre to travelling the world as a pastor.

Shaun Asbitt

Programme 2 Saturday 31st October 2015

This week, Brenda meets brother and sister Thomas and Leona Henry who are the only siblings in Ireland to have undergone a double lung transplant.

Thomas and Leona Henry

Programme 1 Saturday 24th October 2015

In episode 1of 'Out of the Ordinary', Brenda Donohue visits Paddy Slattery in his home in Clonbullogue, Co Offaly. Paddy is a motivational speaker, a poet and an award winning short film maker, and all this despite the fact that at the age of 17 years, he was in a car crash that left him paralysed. He shares his story with Brenda and his positive outlook on life.

Paddy Slattery

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