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At 9pm every day the airwaves relax when RTÉ Chill switches on to offer music fans and radio listeners a perfectly tailored, free-flowing play list of ambient and chill out music.

It’s the place to chill out, relax and unwind. The perfect excuse to sit back, put the feet up, unwind and retreat. RTÉ Chill can be enjoyed alone or in company, as a backing track to an evening at home with friends.
RTÉ Chill


Natural Highs

RTÉ Chill is a play list. No thinking required, just sit back, tune in and chill out.

RTÉ Chill broadcasts a non-stop eclectic mix of ambient, electronica and chill out
music from the ‘80s to the present day. From 9pm onwards expect to hear an uninterrupted play list that includes cutting edge artists from the more well known
Leftfield, The Orb and Sigur Ros to the lesser known Juanita Molina and Müm.
It’s simple, it’s free from chit-chat and it’s your hideaway for the night.

7 days a week, 9pm to 7am.