Pobal HP Deprivation Index

How affluent or deprived is the area you live in?

This is a question we are all interested in, given how postcode-obsessed we are becoming, and the impact of our social position on every aspect of our lives.

Trutz Haase, a German-born independent social and economic consultant in partnership with Pobal, the not-for-profit company which acts as an intermediary for development programmes funded by the Irish Government and the EU, have developed The Pobal HP Deprivation Index, which builds upon previous indices based on the 2006 and 2011 censuses.

In simple terms, the Pobal HP Deprivation Index is a series of maps measuring the relative affluence or disadvantage of a particular geographical area in the Republic of Ireland, using data compiled from various censuses.

Now based on the most up to date data from the 2016 census, it is developed right down to street level based on small-area statistics that relate to between 80 and 100 households on average, showing the extent to which every neighbourhood, suburb and village in the State is affluent or deprived. The index is colour-coded with a spectrum from red, signifying deprivation, to bright blue, signifying affluence.

The measurements look at 10 key indicators including: the proportion of skilled professionals, education levels, employment levels, and single-parent households found in an area.

This data is particularly useful in assessing predicted health outcomes, depending on how deprived or affluent an area you come from, which is why the index has been used as a key reference point for the RTÉ One documentary, Ireland’s Health Divide.

Visit maps.pobal.ie, where the updated 2016 Deprivation Index will be launched on Friday the 8th September 2017.

Deprivation Map

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