On parents' nerves, the Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and student superpowers... For Sunday Miscellany, listen to 'Don't you have one doing the Leaving?' by Rachael Hegarty above.

'Don't you have one doing the Leaving?’ There’s a question to put the heart crossways. Doing the Leaving – the twist and turn of that phrase goes round me noggin. The eldest is doing his Leaving. But, it feels like I am doing me Leaving. Well, if I were any way as near attentive to my Leaving back in 1987 as I am to this year’s Leaving, I’d be away in a hack. It’s not only the exam candidate who’s doing the Leaving. It’s the whole family! We can tell you our son’s exam timetable. The exact dates, times, duration of each exam, the arc of his exam schedule and how much time he has between each exam in order for him to fit in some more revision. Chance would be a fine thing.

Meanwhile our scholar is keen to tell me a points race is not the point of education. I’m fit to be tied – a 30-year career as a teacher and this little pup has had the nerve to dip in and out of me bookshelves. I’m telling youse now – don’t be letting your kids read the likes of The Pedagogy of the Oppressed. It can all backfire when you’re left gobsmacked by your 18-year-old and him telling you a points race is not the point of education. I cast me eyes to heaven and ask Our Lady, who I know was also once a mother to another 18-year-old upstart, to give me patience.

I know I’m not alone. Ask any parent of any Leaving Certer and they’ll tell you – we’re all relying on divine intervention for this one. It’s not so much that we want our kids to get gold medals from the Department of Education for the most mind-blowing Leaving Certificate ever – though that would be ok too…