RTÉ's correspondent reflects on his four years in the US - listen to Farewell to Washington, by Brian O'Donovan above...

"We must have you around sometime!"

We're divils for the 'must haves' in Ireland.

It's a kind-of-an-invite - vague and lacking a specific time and date - an invite that may never actually result in having the invitee around to your house.

When I moved to America four years ago, I was struck by the very specific nature of invites I received from new neighbours and colleagues - "We are having a barbeque at 5pm tomorrow, why don't you join us?" or "Are you free Saturday at one? We'd love to have you around."

Now I am not for a moment suggesting that we Irish are less welcoming and friendly than Americans, it's just I've noticed that their approach to new people tends to be more direct and forward.

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