Viewers can now enjoy a must-see programme of wonderful Irish short films from last year's Cork International Film Festival on RTÉ Player - stories of love between a mother and son, an Irish pub on Christmas Eve, a disastrous 43rd birthday party and a reflection on humanity’s impact on nature - watch them all below.

The selection includes CIFF2020 award winners Flicker, about the aftermath of an assault, and Ballast, about a grieving man attempting to escape his pain.

Cork International Film Festival Director and CEO, Fiona Clark, commented: "As a Festival that has championed short-form film making since its inception 65 years ago, we’re delighted to work with RTÉ, to share and celebrate these stories by talented Irish filmmakers with audiences nationwide."

Flicker (directors Luke Daly, Nathan Fagan, Ireland, 2020) - watch it here

In the aftermath of a violent assault, 20-something Danny struggles to accept the full extent of his injuries.

Winner, Grand Prix Irish Short - Cork International Film Festival 2020.

Ballast (director Jesse Gilbert, Ireland, 2020) - watch it here

Beset by grief, a man builds himself the means to escape the pain of his existence.

Winner, Best Cork Short - Cork International Film Festival 2020.

The Appointment (director David Moody, Northern Ireland 2019) - watch it here

A young man must find a way to connect with his ailing mother.

A Christmas Drop (director Steve Canty, Ireland, 2020) - watch it here.

An Irish pub. Christmas Eve. Phenomenal company.

Forest (director Dermott Burns, Northern Ireland 2020) - watch it here

A reflection upon humanity’s ignorance of its destructive nature.

Birthday Girl (director Portia A. Buckley, UK, 2019) - watch it here

A single mother’s 43rd birthday party ends in disaster when her lover unexpectedly arrives and clashes with her overprotective son.