Via Sunday Miscellany on RTÉ Radio 1: Listen to How Duke the Dog Became an Italian Citizen by Tom Clonan above...

Retracing our steps along Via Claudia, we arrive at the disabled parking bay. The car is gone. I approach a policeman and in broken Italian, inform him that our car appears to have been 'towed'. He places his arm around my shoulders and tells me that ‘No, it is not towed, it is stolen. It happens every day in Roma’.

The teens pop out their ear pods. ‘What did he say?’ The car is stolen. Everything is gone. Suitcases, laptops, iPads, 10kg bags of dogfood and our passports. All we have is the clothes we are standing in. The teenagers shrug and pop their ear pods back in. Eoghan makes two fists and shouts something unprintable. Duke pants and wags his tail at the policeman.

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