Guitarist Fredrik Rasten performs Six Moving Guitars, Wandering above - the video is a sneak peak of Louth Contemporary Music Society's upcoming festival, We Sing for the Future. The festival will stream from its website from Wednesday 14 April to Sunday 18 April, for the first time in the festival's history.

Aside from Rasten's Six Moving Guitars, the festival's inventive online offering for 2021 includes music by Cornelius Cardew & Laurence Crane, performed by Apartment House and pianist Michael McHale; Sarah Hennies’ Contralto, a work for video, strings, and percussion that features a cast of transgender women undertaking vocal exercises, accompanied by a varied musical score; and three world premieres: Lenguas de Fuego (Tongues of Fire) from Irish composer Kevin Volans, and two new works from Cuban composer Leo Brouwer, Irish Landscape with Rain and Dorian it is too late, the latter in memoriam of Oscar Wilde. 

Find out more about Louth Contemporary Music Society and We Sing for the Future here.