Via Sunday Miscellany on RTE Radio 1, a love affair with the city that can only be compared to itself...  Listen to Bella Venezia by Roslyn Dee above.

It's the autumn of 2017 and it’s my first morning back in the city. Having almost completed my usual hour-long walk, I’m sitting outside Federico’s little café, sipping an 'espresso macchiato’ and taking in the early-morning scene as it unfolds before me.

At the kiosk across the bumpy pavement from my table copies of Il Gazzettino, the local newspaper, are selling like hotcakes. Meanwhile, just along from there, where the fish-strewn stall is perched as precariously close as ever to the edge of the canal, the fishmonger is bantering loudly with a man I recognise as one of Federico’s early-morning regulars.

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