The Arts Council of Ireland have recently awarded 94 commissions to artists and artistic organisations across Ireland. 

The investment is worth €1.3 million across 20 counties and will allow Irish artists to partner with organisations to create new work for people in every region of the country and overseas. 

Among those awarded:

ANU Productions will commission sound designer and composer Sinéad Diskin to create an environmental score, celebrating the Irish munitions workers of World War One - 4,000 women across Ireland. Provocations will be set by key historians.

The New York Irish Center will commission award-winning playwright Paul Meade. He will engage in workshops and interviews with Irish people using the centre, and write a script based on the stories focusing on the Irish emigrant experience.

The Ark will commission visual artist Clare Langan to create an imaginative new work for children to be exhibited at The Ark in 2022. The work will be a 10-minute film piece inspired by the inherent sense of awe and curiosity that children have for nature.

The Liz Roche Dance Company will commission its associate artist Lucia Kickham to create a choreography exploring how bodies in dance are adapting to changes to dance practice and performance in the pandemic and to define a new approach to making that moves away from studio-based ensemble work into more fluid pathways of transmission.

Arts Council Director, Maureen Kennelly noted: "Individual artists and arts organisations are facing extraordinary challenges at this time, which makes the response to this year's call for commissions all the more exceptional. 

"These awards will enable artists to realise brilliant ideas and will help their commissioners make them available to the public,"

Earlier this year, the Arts Council of Ireland received an additional grant of €25 million from the government to help alleviate the strain that covid-19 has put on artists across the country. As a result of this additional funding, the Arts Council have responded by enhancing their investment in commissions. 

For more information on Arts Council funding opportunities, visit here