This week's Poem Of The Week, presented in association with Poetry Ireland, is Leaving London for Belfast by Mícheál McCann - read it below.

Leaving London for Belfast

- for Andrew

Rather be parochial

than suitcase-weary

and tie-bonded

and slow to laugh

and desperate to walk

in the opposite direction,


Rather be coastal

than coughing,

slow in our going

than quiet with wanting.

Bless this plane, carrying

us over what we cannot swim.

My tired thighs

hear where we're going over the tannoy

and I can hear Jo Stafford

smiling as she sings. I missed you.

I hoak for a life vest under my seat

to realise I was wearing it all along.

About The Poet: Mícheál McCann is from Derry. His poems have appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, Banshee Lit. and elsewhere. His first pamphlet of poems?, Safe Home, has just been published by Green Bottle Press.