Inside the new Drama On One play, A Long Story Short by Tracy Martin, starring Angeline Ball (above) and airing on RTÉ Radio 1 on Sunday 8th June at 8 pm - listen to A Long Story Short above. 

Karen is one of the lucky ones. Nobody she knows personally has fallen sick from Covid 19. 

While the world outside screeches to a halt Karen turns her focus to what's happening on the other side of the garden fence. 'Pony tail’ and ‘Bicycle Helmet’ recently moved in next door and she’s become a little obsessed with the comings and goings of these newlyweds. 

Like the rest of us, Karen and her husband Gary have found themselves cooped up together like never before. Spending so much time with a partner can either make or break a couple. And while Karen fixates on the noises coming from the neighbour's bedroom, Gary is spending his time redecorating the house in a bid to woo his own wife back into theirs. 

Writer Tracy Martin explains that she wanted to write a comedic piece about the times we’re living through as after months of stressing about our health and the health of our loved ones, as well as our economic futures, that we could all do with a little light relief:

"Our stress levels piqued as we sat and listened to Leo talk about quarantine. Stay indoors. Close the circle. Flatten the curve.

Couples who would normally only meet on the couch, found themselves stride walking together and pouring over lists for the ‘big shop’ like it was a military operation, relishing the opportunity to expand their cooking repertoire. The highs of the healthy lifestyle were soon met with the lows of the constant house and love silently turned sour as partners wondered if their loved ones were EVER going to stack the dishwasher correctly." 

Couples with children stared at the small dictators they had created and wondered how teachers avoided using corporal punishment

Single people initially feared that they had made the wrong lifestyle choices. This fear was quickly quelled as they relished times sliding around in their socks and pants, tossing dirty spoons over their shoulders as they used their fingers to wipe out the sixth chocolate mousse pot."

Drama On OneA Long Story Short by Tracy Martin, RTÉ Radio 1 on Sunday 8th June at 8 pm - listen to more from Drama On One here.