As part of Poetry Day Ireland, we're pleased to present At Dusk by Moya Cannon, one of Poetry Day Ireland's time-themed Pocket Poems, presented in association with Poetry Ireland.

Last night, the fox padded along
our red-brick street
under yellow fan-lights; 

last week an otter, 
curved and sleek as a cat
slipped across the pier in the half-light
and went down into the sea,
leaving quick prints on stone steps;

last month we saw a wild boar
and her three young
cross a road before dark
and vanish into the briars.

Her path was a track of mud 
straight down a field
from the mountain forest
as it had been, months earlier, 
a line of hoof-marks in snow
and, earlier still, 
a crease in summer grass.

The creatures of dusk,
whom we have almost dispossessed,
continue to cross our paths,
continue to bless us.

From Donegal Tarantella (2019), by kind permission of Carcanet Press.