We're delighted to present our Poem Of The Day, presented in association with Poetry Ireland

Today's poem is Sight / Seeing by Grace O'Doherty - read it below.

I go back to that street and the sunshine. 

Tourists alight from coaches

with cameras strapped around their necks,

children and dogs dance 

in the fountain in the park

to fifties jukebox hits 

from the funfair rides

and the yellow-haired lady is on my mind

who reads palms in her caravan 

and walks with stiff hips to the shop

each morning for milk and bread and probably

tea leaves to read, her old trade, 

dependent on people who need 

a forecast for personal weather,

for a dark stranger to appear in their lives,

I walk again beside these pedestrians,

these seagulls

and the bleached dead crabs on their backs 

the tide keeps leaving behind, 

they are falling out of my hands 

and I splay them on the table

in a half-circle,

I tell myself: now choose.