We're delighted to present our Poem Of The Week, presented in association with Poetry Ireland

This week's poem is The Seed Fiddler's Broadcast by Glen Wilson - read it below.

I calibrate the lever to tune it up,

setting number two sows six pints

of Clover Seed per statute acre.

These rills of Tyrone’s heaped earth,

these depressons to be filled,

loosen in anticipation of seed-song.

Oil the journals and grease the stick well

There is much to put in before life yields,

this is the rendition of many seasons.

Set the machine to your walk,

these fields are the audience,

every inch waits to hears me play.

My steps disturb the surface,

just enough for the future to reverberate

in the clearance of the past.

I scatter the seed like notes of a scale

until all the soil sings with this music

the harvest will be all beautiful refrain—

Keep your seed clean, keep the belt tight.