A new release by bestselling author Emma Donoghue will be based on Dublin dealing with an epidemic a century ago.

The Pull of The Stars tells an uncannily familiar story of remarkable nurses and doctors working on the medical front line of the Great Flu epidemic of 1918-20.

Set in Dublin in 1918, the book is described is 'an intimate, intoxicating and deeply moving novel about work and risk, life and death, care and love.'

Picador will publish The Pull of The Stars on 23 July in hardback, trade paperback ebook and as an audiobook.

Donoghue, whose novel Room was turned into an Oscar-winning film, said: "Back in October 2018, the centenary of the Great Flu prompted me to start The Pull of the Stars, set in a Dublin maternity ward at the height of the misery in 1918.

"Two days after I delivered my final draft, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in a changed world where the creeping dread and ethical dilemmas of ordinary citizens and the sacrifices of frontline healthcare workers were front and centre again.

"The Pull of the Stars is a study of everyday heroism in a time of terror, and I couldn’t be more honoured to be publishing it this July.’