On the first anniversary of Leonard Cohen's death, this piece was made by John MacKenna for Sunday Miscellany, and first broadcast 5 November 2017 on RTÉ Radio 1 - listen above.

John MacKenna paid tribute to his friend in this piece for Sunday Miscellany in 2017, a year after his death.

Having seen him in the Stadium in the early 70s, he finally met him a decade later when he produced the Favourite Five spot above. When Leonard Cohen couldn't find sweets he had promised John’s young daughter Lydia, he gave her his guitar-shaped brooch – the first gesture in a 30-year friendship.

There were deeply dark times in his life, John says: 'But always the work went on, and always, always, in the songs, in the poems and in the letters there was a glint in the eye, and that sense of humour that those who dismissed his work as depressing seemed inexplicably to miss.’

And a moving salute to end: ‘You left as you had lived, with style, and grace and humility. Sleep well, old friend, sleep well.’

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