We're delighted to present our Poem Of The Day, presented in association with Poetry Ireland. 

Today's poem is Because by Nidhi Zakaria Eipe - read it below.

because nothing is like anything

else, an approximation will always break

down when you need it most

because nothing is as soft as a horse's muzzle           

at the curve, above quiet punctuations of hair,                       

thin pointed teeth guarding tenderness

because I had just been, that morning,           

at my college graduation – looking gorgeous                           

in that dress – where the speaker urged:

I hope you will be vulnerable               

with each other, that you will be open                         

to giving and receiving vulnerability

because he touched me without asking           

saying: you are like nothing                         

I have ever seen before

like how I am touching this horse             

feeling its likenothingelse before, us                         

two silken manes, two hurt mouths

I am so gentle with you between my hands           

but tell me / strike my face / pull away                       

do you not want me to

blow slow into the open black         

tunnel of flared nostril, wet                       

dark animal breathing back

that’s how they kiss – a passing           

stablehand spoke in my direction –                     

and I believed him

I believed him                                                                 

not / because it was true                                                                 

but / because I wanted to