We're delighted to present our Poem Of The Day, presented in association with Poetry Ireland. 

Today's poem is Sally Gap by Eoin Rogers- read it below.

Leaving Sunday evening I fix the gate

with the stiff and rusted lock. You watch

from the car, passenger door open, engine running.

Predicting a glut of other weekend travellers

returning to the city you decide the back roads.

You left it late, daylight fading as we leave.

The journey blurs cliff roads into dark

hedged lanes, byways, turnoffs, motorways

until we emerge alone through dark deserted hills.

These roads breathe the curve of slopes

rise and fall running through valleys

open to the moon, where scattered houses glow,

sky and land are tarnished reflections of each other,

dark, silver scrubbed. Headlights flash,

then dim, another car zooms by.

Between us a woman's voice reads cards,

forecasts a stranger’s future on the radio.

We move through darkness. You read the road.