We're delighted to present our Poem For The Day, presented in association with Poetry Ireland. 

Today's poem is Hook-Up Rural Donegal by Mícheál McCann - read it below. 

Hook-Up Rural Donegal 

Lonely people waking
to scroll through Grindr
at 1:38am of a Wednesday.
The nearest Gay™ is 7 km away
and if I had to be brutally honest

like a hesitant carpenter, Norway somewhere,
wary of a wood-shortage in his perilous future, 
I don't want the split-second warm
unpleasant-later feeling of his saliva
marking my dick like a dog against a tree.

I want to reach around
the green circle (online now!)
that lets me know they’re the same as me:
awake, scrolling down like Croft
through a papyrus looking

for the right inscription.
And then our hands can reach,
join in the middle somewhere
across this pitch-black Donegal landscape,
and we wouldn’t touch in the moonlight

as mystery insects buzz
by the fence posts, and ewes rest
under trees: content instead to watch new lambs
make their way through the darkness
to their mothers, in complete, holy silence.

About The Poet: Mícheál McCann is a postgraduate student in the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry. His poems appear in The Open Ear and Demand Change. As dramaturg, he has adapted Anne Carson’s Nox into a vocal chamber piece, and some of his poems were set to music for the Derry International Choral Festival 2018. His first pamphlet of poems is forthcoming with Green Bottle Press