In the month in which Fontaines DC played two punchy-punk sets for the Rock Against Homelessness gig in the Olympia and at the Choice Music Prize in Vicar Street, a viscerally raw portrait of the band making their debut album went out online - watch it above.

The twenty-five minute documentary Sold for Parts by Collective Dublin Films captures the five band-mates in the last throes of anonymity as they bond and bare their vulnerabilities for the camera throughout the Dogrel recording sessions and subsequent gigs.

Fontaines D.C. at the Choice Music Awards ceremony (Pic: Leah Carroll)

More than a depiction of the meteoric rise of an Irish band, this is a snapshot of a group of friends – Grian Chatten, Tom Coll, Conor Curley, Carlos O'Connell and Conor Deegan - becoming a rock group as they start doing what most can only dream of when they first strum a guitar or hit a snare. There is an innocence in this film that one imagines is already gone as the band have played countless sold-out shows around the world, touring the album non-stop, and having being nominated for a number of awards like the Choice, the Mercury Music Prize and winning the BBC 6 Music album of the year for 2019.

The Fontaines DC got their wish: they are Big and for sure they are going to make a lot of money. This Collective documentary is the too real look behind the scenes at the process of arrival for this Irish punk group and will always evidence a simpler time for the band.