We got the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Orchestra Night on DWTS to see how the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and the rest of the cast & crew were preparing for the show. 

In case you weren't aware, the RTÉ Concert Orchestra performed on last week's DWTS along with singers Gemma Sugrue and Joe Petit for the show’s second annual Orchestra Night. 

Final preparations for the show began on Friday 21 February with the Orchestra heading to set for the all-important sound check. 

As first violinist Bróna Cahill told us, the orchestra places a lot of importance on soundcheck, as a television studio doesn’t have the same natural acoustics as a concert hall. 

Therefore it was essential for them to spend time working with the sound engineers to ensure everything was perfect for the night.

Saturday was spent rehearsing with the dancers, giving them a chance to get used to performing with the orchestra ahead of Sunday’s show.

Sunday was the big day, and the RTÉ CO was on set for a full dress rehearsal at 2:15 PM. 

The dress rehearsal gave everyone a chance to iron out any last-minute technical issues such as props, lighting, cameras, and sound. 

Performing on DWTS is always a great opportunity for the CO to showcase the variety of different musical styles they play, as principal viola player Lisanne Melchiore explained: "It’s a really good thing for a concert orchestra to do, because we play every genre of music". 

Sunday’s show had an amazing variety of music going from Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers to Big Spender by Shirley Bassey and Life on Mars by David Bowie!

Orchestra Night is also the perfect way to showcase the power of live music and the difference it can make to a show like Dancing With The Stars. 

Principal Clarinetist Michael Seaver explained why he thinks live music makes such a difference to the show, explaining that although the sound system at DWTS is great, "It’s not the same as having everything live, with  all of the instruments there - it’s just a completely different sound." 

Everyone on the DWTS  team reiterated how special it was having the orchestra on the show, with many of the dancers saying that live music helps give a different energy to their performances. 

As Ryan Andrews said to Nicky Byrne after his performance: "What they [the CO] do, they bring you to a different level."

Even singer Joe Petit told us that it’s "unbelievable" having the opportunity to perform with the RTÉ CO, and how "having a massive band behind you is absolutely amazing". 

All in, it was another triumphant Orchestra Night at DWTS with viewers taking to Twitter to express how much they enjoyed the show.

Roll on next year!

If you missed the episode of Dancing with the Stars, you can catch up on RTÉ Player here.