RTÉ lyric fm presenter Liz Nolan previews the new series of Music and the Mind, lyric's popular 'wellness on the wireless' show...

Yaay, it's May! - said no Leaving Cert student ever. Who could forget that low-level panic, the hours of desperate cramming, while facts and figures would slither around like something from a Salvador Dalí montage? Focus and concentration - these amounted to a skillset that was a Holy Grail for us bewildered students, and they've remained an elusive aspiration ever since. Is it just a matter of willpower? Something gifted on certain, irritatingly brilliant people? No, and no.

Focus can be honed, it can be practised - and it can be facilitated through Music and the Mind.

 Listen: Music and the Mind - Relaxation

 In the first series of Music and the Mind, RTÉ lyric fm's The Full Score brought together top clinicians from medical and arts backgrounds, together with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and soloists, for a new initiative: to explore measurable, evidence-based ways in which music could impact positively on aspects of our lives. Relaxation, exercise and sleep were the topics discussed in three fascinating hour-long conversations between science and the arts (listen back here), while a live audience of RTÉ colleagues sat in on the Studio 1 broadcasts. Following an overwhelmingly positive response, Music and the Mind has embarked on a new brief: Concentration and Focus.

Listen: Music and the Mind - Fitness

Leading cognitive psychologist Prof. Aidan Moran (UCD) will be joined by psychologists and musicians Dr. Helen O'Shea and Dr. Sarah Sinnamon, to offer insights into achieving the full potential of your study and learning abilities. Maestro Gavin Maloney conducts the sensational RTÉ Concert Orchestra, with guest soprano Emer Barry, in a specially curated programme of works to enable clear, motivated thinking.

Listen: Music and the Mind - Sleep

Our clinicians bring their expertise and experience to the table, to offer practical tips on habits, goals and intentional thought, while the role of music in increasing mental capacity and responsiveness is discussed. Focus is a skill that benefits every moment of our lives- and Music and the Mind delivers top scientific rationale, combined with artistic excellence, to maximise our ability to live our best lives. So come join us!

The Full Score and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra present Music and the Mind: Concentration and Focus on Friday 17th May from 3-4pm, on 96-99 RTÉ lyric fm. And tell the exam students in your life to tune in too!