Every year capitals across the world light up public buildings in a green glow for St Patrick's Day.

This year for the first time the Serbian capital Belgrade adds its National Museum to list of buildings going green.

Only a handful of Irish people live in the city. But it now hosts the Belgrade Irish Festival, which is the largest annual exhibition of the arts from Ireland in south eastern Europe. The week-long event concludes on St Patrick's Day.

This year guests include film maker Lenny Abramhamson (pictured) whose movie Room was nominated for an Oscar. His film The Little Stanger opened the fesitval. The latest work by Irish production house Cartoon Saloon also featured.

The festival includes a moving photographic exhibition by marking 220,000 Jews in Hungary who were relocated to concentration camps.

Photographer Nigel Swann documented homes dotted around Hungarian capital which housed these families (one family to a room) in his work, Yellow Star Houses of Budapest.

The Festival works closely with the Irish Embassy, Enterprise Ireland the the Prime Ministers Office in Serbia. It is the brainchild of Dubliner Jas Kaminski who has made Belgrade his home.

He points out that most events of this nature in other countries are supported by a large Irish diapora. But the Irish population in Belgrade is estimated at less than 100.

Jas Kaminski says: "Creating a substantial Irish cultural event in Serbia is a great opportunity for two quite distinct European nations. It's an opportunity to share and explore common Celtic roots, historical and modern experiences through a cultural dialogue."