Rory Nolan is a prolific and versatile actor, most recently seen in the DruidShakespeare production of Richard III; earlier this year, he won the Irish Times Award for his performance as Pozzo in Waiting For Godot.

His latest project, Thirst, based on the works of Flann O'Brien, runs at the Peacock stage at the Abbey Theatre from 18 Dec - Jan 5, and next year he'll return to one of his signature roles, the iconic Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, for an Irish tour of the latest RO'CK show, Postcards From The Ledge - more details here

We asked Rory for his choice cultural picks...


The Big Lebowski - can watch it anytime, anywhere. And still get juice out of it. I must have seen it fifty times. It has it all, and Jeff Bridges gives one of the finest cinematic performances in history.


I'm always late to the party, so I'm probably the last one who started listening to St.Vincent. There was lots of touring this year and her music kind of became the soundtrack for me. She's terrific, unusual and a real musical artist.


I picked up Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth in May, the day before he passed away, weirdly. I laughed til I cried. Richards Pryor's autobiography Pryor Convictions was fascinating and funny, too. At the moment I have Homo Deus on the go, which is the kind of sequel to Noah Yuval Harari's Sapiens, which I devoured. Between playscripts and reading for work it can be hard to find time, but I'm hungry for non-fiction at the moment. Loving the facts.


Don't know where to begin here. Conversations On A Homecoming by Tom Murphy for the heart. Henry IV by Shakespeare for the head. Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett for the whole world. And Postcards from the Ledge by Ross O'Carroll Kelly for the funny bone!


Game of Thrones. I'm not great with box-sets and I'm way way way out of the loop with everything else, but I'm completely up to date with GoT. And I love it. It's fantastic television, brilliant writing, great performances. For the ages. Can't wait for April.


Being on stage most nights this year limits what you.can get to but we had a day off in Chicago in June and caught U2. Fair play to the four of them. It was a great show.

Then we found a blues bar called Sweet Home Blue Chicago and I can honestly say I've never heard live music like it in my life. I've never seen musicians and singers like the ones I saw there. We went more than once. Every night was jaw dropping.


I love MoMA in New York, and I can stand in front of Starry Night by Van Gogh or One Number 31 by Jackson Pollack all day. I used wonder what the fuss about Pollack was. When I stood in front of his work I found out. It was a swift punch in the gut.


The kids and I listen to Marty in the Morning on the way to school. They think he sounds like their grandfather. He makes us all laugh and the boys are completely bemused by his Myrtle stories.


I'm a tech luddite  and this will sound very basic, but What'sApp - it's a much better way of keeping in touch than any other social media platform. From family groups to old schoolmates to work colleagues, it keeps me laughing and connected to them all, especially when you're away a lot.


I can't tell you. I've signed an NDA. But when you see it, you'll know it.