Flossing is the Next Big Thing, and it has nothing to do with your teeth. It is, in fact, a new dance craze that made an appearance at the first Eurovision semi-final.

A caller to the Ryan Tubridy Show, Lily, shared a story about how it also made an unexpected appearance at Sunday mass.

"So we went to family mass last Sunday… The priest calls all the children up and shares the word of the gospel and my 10-year-old son goes up - and the whole church is looking on and my son decides to do the floss, right in front of the priest, on the altar, as the priest was giving his sermon."

Lily informed Ryan that the move comes from a video game called Fortnite, in which players must perform a variety of dance moves to progress, and the floss has captured the imaginations of kids the world over. Katy Perry even brought the floss to millions on Saturday Night Live - forward the clip below to 2'25 and let the flossing begin! 

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It’s an energetic (if not particularly reverent) move and is possibly more a Saturday-night-party-time kind of thing than a Sunday-morning-at-mass affair. Says Lily: 

"You swing your arms and you swing your bum. There’s a time and a place, that’s what I told him when he sat back down. The priest didn’t mention anything. The other kids beside him kind of looked on and smiled and laughed… I wasn’t too pleased, but what can you say! What’s done is done."

Ryan took a philosophical take on the situation, saying "We can’t lose sight of the 10-year-old in us that wants to floss."