Gavin and Stacey writer and actress Ruth Jones has been there, done that and bought several t-shirts when it comes to showbiz, and now she has released her first novel, Never Greener

She spoke to Dave Fanning on The Ryan Tubridy Show about the book.

"Kate has an affair with Callum when she’s in her early 20s. It all ends disastrously, and then 17 years later she meets him again and it’s all about whether they should take that second chance to rekindle their relationship, and what they should have done is walk away but they didn’t."

Ruth explained that the idea came from a screenplay she wrote years ago that lay dormant on her computer until she revisited it, decided she liked the story and adapted it into the book.

"You remember years ago, before Facebook, early 2000s, people used to do Friends Reunited… You heard all these stories about people rekindling friendships or rekindling old relationships, meeting up with their first love - so that was kind of the idea behind it, really, finding out whether a relationship that finished years ago should be brought back to life."

And… should it?

"What I was trying to say, I guess if there’s a message as it were, is that the grass is never greener on the other side. It’s still grass, just a different patch of it and it’s about not harping back or looking to the future, not looking outside of yourself for something that’s going to make you feel better, looking at the here and now and what you’ve got already in your life."

And the question that had to be asked – can we ever expect to see a Gavin and Stacey reunion?

"I don’t know, we always said that we would write a special but then that was about 8 years ago we said that, and we still haven’t done it.  I live in Cardiff and James lives in LA… We always had to be in the same room together to write, so there’s certainly no plans."

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