"Do we have to cover every bit of it, you know?" moaned Vivienne Westwood.  "It’s so boring to say all this." 

Despite her protestations, the life, times and achievements of the fashion icon are anything but boring, as evidenced in new film, Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist. Director Lorna Tucker spoke to Seán Rocks on Arena about capturing a legend on camera.  Vivienne was initially reluctant, but Lorna’s determination won out.

"I really felt that her story needed to be told, especially in the climate that we’ve had, you know, with arts funding being cut and people trying to find their way out there as an artist.  She really did embody for me a single mum fighting against everything really, coming from the North, classism, and just never giving up through everything that was thrown at her, so for me getting to know her and getting to know her story, I was so inspired."

Vivienne was keen to discuss her passion for environmentalism, and while that makes up part of her story, Lorna wanted to get to the heart of who she was as a mother, a designer and a trail blazer.

"The incredible thing about Vivienne is that there’s no overnight success there. This was a long, long hard journey. For me, what I felt was so inspiring and what I felt like kids needed to see and learn today, and people of all ages today, I think, the key to it is just get good at something, just keep doing it, and even if it doesn’t earn you money, you get a job doing something else to pay the bills."

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