From Shaggy and Smash Mouth to Radiohead and Taylor Swift, music collective Postmodern Jukebox have covered an incredible - and unexpected - range of songs. Under the guidance of jazz pianist Scott Bradlee, it seems that these guys and dolls can put a jazzy spin on just about any number.

With over three million subscribers on YouTube, the eclectic group of entertainers have struck gold with their Old Hollywood aesthetics and powerhouse vocals - their cover of ubiquitous chart-topping smash Despacito reached 2.6 million views alone.

The ever-changing roster of musicians have decided to once again visit our fair isle to blow the roof off Vicar Street (get your victory rolls ready, girls) on February 26th. We spoke to vintage vocalist Dani Armstrong to find out more. 


How do you choose what songs to cover and how do you make them your own?
Choosing a song to perform with PMJ can be hard. Scott usually has you come to his house and you sit around the piano and brainstorm a bunch of song ideas.

You mention a song and BOOM! He is playing it as if it were the 1920's! It's such a cool process to see how Scott so easily and authentically recreates these songs in a vintage style.

As far as singing it and trying to make it your own, Scott lays down the best of road maps arrangement-wise and as singers we are able to follow his lead and swoon and croon along.

Have you always been a fan of vintage fashion? Does the look carry on off-stage?
I have been a fan of old Hollywood films since I was a little girl. I was always asking my Mom to do my hair and make-up like the stars of the silver screen in the 30's, 40's, and 50's.

Luckily, she obliged and encouraged me to play with my make up and hair until I was a professional at it. I have been a burlesque and jazz singer for over twenty years now. You can ask the girls on the tours that when they need their hair in victory rolls... they come to me!
Who is your core audience? Do you encourage fans to dress up in vintage style for the night out?
I would say PMJ doesn't have a core audience, per say. We appeal musically to kids and grandparents alike. 

We LOVE LOVE LOVE it when guests at our shows dress up! I call them guests because we are a band that was made famous on the internet. Because of that, we engage with these awesome people all the time and we all feel like one big PMJ family.

I look out in the front row and see a girl in a vintage 40's dress and fabulous victory rolls and I squeal "Oh we are friends on Instagram!" We seriously have the best of fans.

Why do you think people have such a fascination with certain eras?
I can't really speak for everyone but personally, I am such a fan of this era as there was mystery. Dresses moved in a certain way but didn't show too much. Hair was in these gorgeous shapes that seemed to never move as if women just woke up like that. Men wore snazzy suits and walked with canes for no reason. There is a just an allure to this era that is magical. 

What is your favourite PMG song so far?
My favorite PMJ song is our version of We Can't Stop - I just love that arrangement and the way Robyn Adele Anderson sings it!

There may be a surprise regarding this song on this tour but I am not spilling it. Personally, I enjoy singing anything with some big ol' belty notes! Give me a good torch song and I am a happy girl.

When it comes to music, who are you listening to?  
I really am not listening to much right now as far as modern music. I have really gotten back in to Ella and Coltrane. A glass og wine... or more like a whiskey on the rocks and some jazz? I am a happy girl!

What is your all-time favourite song to perform?
I love performing the PMJ version of Chandelier. I have a real emotional connection to that arrangement and am thankful to Scott for dreaming it up. Each time I take the stage to pour my heart out.

Postmodern Jukebox play Vicar Street on Monday, February 26th. Tickets are on sale now.