Robbie Williams joined Ray on The Ray D’Arcy Show to talk about fame, his struggles with stage fright and his new book, Reveal.

Robbie told Ray that he wanted to put pen to paper to give a fuller account of his life and experiences that he felt the public had up until now, an answer to "superficial" interviews he has done in the past. He was interested in detailing "the man behind the mask".

"There’s kind of the guy that gets on stage and is gregarious and full of himself and imbues some form of confidence… and then there’s the man behind the mask. And that’s what the book’s about."

Ray was curious how Robbie sees this contradiction – he has enjoyed unprecedented success as an artist (selling 1.6 million concert tickets on a single day in 2005), yet he suffers from low self-esteem about his work. Robbie acknowledged the obvious pitfalls but claims it can serve as a motivator.

"It’s also a powerful source of energy to constantly prove myself wrong, and constantly prove people wrong. I think that’s why I’ve managed to achieve what I’ve achieved."

Getting older might have something to do with it, as Robbie explained.

"The charlatan that I thought I was is kind of disappearing… but there are elements there that are still there and, you know, I live in big houses and drive nice cars and I’ve always felt as though there’s kind of like… like they’re not mine. They’re my rich uncle that’s gonna‘ say ‘Thank you so much for looking after them. Now, can I have it back?’ That being said, it is dissipating. I’m 43 now. The houses feel like mine."

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