Bestselling horror and supernatural writer, Joe Hill came on The Ray D’Arcy Show to talk about writing every day since the age of 13, seeing his work adapted for the screen and growing up in a family of writers.

Hill described his latest book, Strange Weather, as "four short novels of dread and the unnatural". When Ray said that there was a "cinematic" quality to the writing, Hill spoke about one of his previous novels, Horns, being adapted into a film.

"It seems unfathomable to me that this really happened but it was made into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple, directed by Alexandre Aja…You want to write for your readers, not write for an agent or a film producer but…I am a believer in pulling out every trick in the book to keep the reader’s attention stapled to the page, to keep them with me…and often that does mean writing in a very cinematic fashion."

Ray addressed what he termed the "elephant in the room" – the fact that Stephen King is Joe’s father. Joe joked that he sometimes likes to intentionally misdirect people when they bring it up.

"Sometimes I like to say ‘The rumour is not true, I am in no way related to Susan Hill, who wrote Woman in Black. That’s a pernicious myth."

His father is not the only prolific author in Hill’s family. Joe listed a dizzying number of close relatives who have achieved great success as writers, prompting Ray to ask if this was some kind of Guinness World Record attempt.

"I don’t know, it does seem a little bit strange. But then again, in happy, tightly-knit families it’s not that surprising…You’ll find a family of doctors…and it’s clear that it’s part of the family culture."

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