Can't Cope Won't Cope creator Stefanie Preissner has written her first book, a collection of essays entitled Why Can’t Everything Just Stay the Same? 

In this eagerly anticipated coming of age tale, Preissner (currently working on Season 2 of Can't Cope...) looks at the ways in which her life has changed since the days when she spent her evenings eating Coco Pops and watching Nickelodeon, including her behaviour on social media (she’s more JOMO than FOMO), her approach to friendship, her relationship with her body, the importance of asking WWNSD (What Would Nicole Scherzinger Do?) when faced with a big decision, and her brilliant career to date as a writer.

Even better, she's made a short film to accompany the first extract - watch it below: 

Why Can’t Everything Just Stay the Same? And Other Things I Shout When I Can’t Cope is published by Hachette on 5th October.