Eoghan McDermott spoke with Emmy Award winning comedian Kathy Griffin about getting fired from CNN from holding a decapitated picture of Donald Trump. After apologising - Kathy then retracted her apology. She tells Eoghan how she's 100% Irish as both her parents are from Ireland.

Kathy also told Eoghan about what she thinks about Anderson Cooper and Chelsea Clinton abandoning her, and dishes the dirt on her famous feuds including dust-offs with Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno and Perez Hilton. She has made up with Perez, but not with Ellen - "Ellen thinks I'm vulgar - she just hates me."

After a traumatic couple of months, she's returning to the live stage with a world tour, and an Irish show at Vicar Street on November 8th. Expect her usual no holds barred approach to the whole Trump controversy: "The Trump supporters were sending death threats to my mom and to my sister who was going through cancer after that picture."

Kathy also dishes the dirt on her next door neighbours, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, joking that "I think I can hear them over there printing money."