Our Poem Of The Week, presented in association with Poetry Ireland, is Webbing, by Conor Cleary.


  – for Toby

what would you say

if it turned out

I was a giant


spider who

didn’t really

like the things we

both said we liked

if on further

inspection you

were to discover

my insides are

chock-full of

counterfeit silk

and I hated

your friend Rachel

what if my gums

concealed big steel

fangs needed to eat

that retracted


that envenomed

that were very

much part of me

I hope that you’d

take a step back

think rationally

try to see things

as seen from

my perspective

hung upside down

from the ceiling

About The Poet: Conor Cleary is from Tralee, Co Kerry and lives in Belfast. He is currently studying poetry at Queen’s University, where he was the recipient of this year’s Seamus Heaney Centre MA Award. He is a participant in this year’s Poetry Ireland Introduction Series. His poem Webbing was originally published in issue 121 of the Poetry Ireland Review (2017).