Looking for some inspiration? From photography and painting to installations and moving image, the world of Instagram offers many visual delights.

Every fortnight, I select 5 of my favourite artworks - this fortnight's theme is Submerged. Tag your work on Instagram with #RTÉArtLove to be featured. 

1. Charlie Davoli

Charlie Davoli creates surrealist artworks by seamlessly blending photographs into beautiful digital collages.

'..the bridge adjusting to the water, water, water, water. The level inside will rise, a fallen monument lies.'

2. @zukellogs

Lush, melancholic watercolours from this talented Mexican designer.

3. Ekaterina Mishchenkova

Creative conceptualist Ejaterina Mischenkova carefully curates her Instagram feed with cinematic photography.

'Enjoying the gentle breeze of the Aegean sea in Bodrum.'

4. Jason Kearney

Jason Kearney is an Irish digital collage artist creating retrofuturistic digital collages.

Assemblage - A gathering is an image from his book in progress titled The 100 Most Beautiful Words In The English Language in which he is creating one collage for each word, as originally compiled by the linguist Dr Robert Beard. 

5. Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a French artist living in London.

A Bigger Splash is an illustration of Dakota Johnson for The New Yorker. 

I hope these offer some creative inspiration, leave your thoughts in the comments below.