It's been a standout year for RTÉ 2FM DJ Jenny Greene - during the summer, she stole the show at Electric Picnic in the company of the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, before packing out Dublin's 02 Arena last month with a memorable encore performance. She currently co-presents The Nicky Byrne Show on RTÉ 2FM weekdays, and bangs out classic dance anthems upon a Saturday night on RTÉ 2FM's Electric Disco.


It’s so hard to pick a favourite film. I like so many different films and all for very different reasons. As documentaries go Searching For Sugar Man has to be one of the best. It tells the remarkable story of the search for Sixto Rodriguez. A Mexican-American songwriter who released 2 albums in the 70’s. Both albums bombed in the States but what he didn’t know was they were huge hits in Apartheid-era South Africa. What follows is a heartwarming story of a reluctant legend. I immediately went out and bought the soundtrack straight after watching it.


At the moment I’m listening to Dream Darling by The Slow Show. It’s an album I found almost by accident one night. The new music section was playing in the background on Vevo at home one night. A song came on that literally stopped me in my tracks called Ordinary Lives. I spent the next few hours googling everything I could on the band. The song in question was from their latest album Dream Darling which, I can honestly say has restored my faith in music. There’s so much forgettable music doing the rounds at the moment. It’s good to know there are people out there still making incredible music, you just have to hunt a bit harder to find it.


I’m not a big reader unfortunately. I do have a habit however of reviewing books my wife has read and inadvertently passing them off as my own on the radio, much to her amusement. Therefore this is my public apology ☺


I have been trying to see Dublin Oldschool for over a year now. I even purchased tickets and drove into town to see it. The traffic was an absolute nightmare for some reason that night so after spending 5 hours in the car and missing the play entirely I eventually just drove home. The stars of the play Emmet Kirwan and Ian Lloyd Anderson have been on the show with us a few times over the past year and I have promised to make it my mission to see it in 2017. I may opt for public transport this time?


I am absolutely obsessed with Naked Attraction on Channel 4. It reminds me of watching Embarrassing Bodies in so far as it’s horrific but you just can’t turn it off. I would love to have been in the meeting the day the show was pitched to TV bosses. A dating show where everyone is Naked. The camera starts on their lower half then gradually moves up to the full reveal before the dater makes his or her choice. I still can’t understand how anyone would agree or even want to go on it but it’s TV gold!


I was over the moon to hear that not only did Elbow have a new album coming out, but also they have just announced a live date for The Marquee Cork next June 21st. The last time I was in the Marquee was to see The National. It’s such a special venue and hopefully we may even be blessed with some sunshine, it is summer after all? The one person I am praying will return to Ireland this year is John Talabot. I’ve seen him DJ here a few times over the last couple of years but nothing will beat his live show at The Button Factory 4 years ago. It was just after he released his debut album Fin. There was an atmosphere in the venue that night that I haven’t experienced at any gig since.


If I’m at home on a Friday night I always listen to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, followed by Pete Tong. The UK music scene is so much broader than Ireland. DJs can take far more risks than we can here. Ireland is definitely coming on, but I think we still have a way to go.


Aside from the usual social media apps I don’t tend to use much else, but my wife has recently discovered the Karaoke app Smule. It allows you to sing solo but the funniest and weirdest feature to me is the duets feature. I came home from work last weekend to hear her blasting out Arcade Fire with someone in The Philippines, sorry Kelly ☺

The Next Big Thing

Al Porter. My only hope is someone here offers him his own chat show before he gets snapped up abroad, and he most certainly will! For someone so young he is wise beyond his years. While there’s no doubt he’s a comedic genius there is so much more to Al, which to my mind makes him the perfect chat show host.