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We are now accepting your proposals on a 'rolling commissioning' basis. You can find out what our requirements are by reading the commissioning briefs posted online. You should only pitch proposals that are properly worked up and clearly meet our commissioning briefs. We will update the briefs regularly, flagging you if we need more ideas in a certain area, or if new slots have opened up.

Under this system, most proposals will be rejected quickly, on the basis that a quick no is better than a long drawn out maybe.

We're looking for a wide range of ideas across all genres - Young People's, Drama, Factual, Daytime and Lifestyle, Regional, Entertainment, Cláracha Gaeilge, Multiculture and Education.

Several genres are looking for ideas within the broad ambit of 'factual entertainment'. As a rule of thumb, if your idea is primarily aimed at raising a smile, it should go to Entertainment. If it's driven by the format it should go to Lifestyle, and if it can touch on substantial issues, you should pitch it to Factual. Don't worry too much about where you pitch it - if we feel it would work better in another slot or genre we'll talk to you about moving it.

At heart, across all our programming, we're looking for ideas that innovate and entertain, inform and initiate. Good luck with your proposals.

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