Certain programmes sought from the independent sector are specified in advance to a high degree of detail and these are effectively commissioned by way of a limited tender. In light of RTÉ's statutory position, it must, of course, exercise great care in ensuring that the tender process is fair and is seen to be fair to all concerned.

  • Independent Productions compile a list of prospective production companies to be invited to tender based on agreed pre-determined criteria.
  • A limited number of companies are then invited to tender, in response to detailed specifications for the commission.
  • In some cases expressions of interest may be sought from the independent sector and on the basis of agreed criteria companies are then invited to tender.
  • If requests for further information are received from individual independent producers during the tender period, and such information is given, it is given to all independent producers who have been asked to tender.
  • Deadlines for receipt of tender submissions are specified and are stringently adhered to.
  • As set out in the IPU Commissioning Procedures and Guidelines, Independent Producers list the contents of their submission in a checklist appended to their covering letter and this is verified and signed off when the bid is opened. As each reviewer receives the submission, he/she reviews the checklist and ensures that he/she has received the full contents.
  • Following the assessment of proposals against agreed criteria short-listed Independent Producers may be invited to pitch their proposal.
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