UPDATED: 13th April 2016

Ceannasaí Cláracha Gaeilge, Education and Science : Colm O'Callaghan

Executive Producer: Kevin Cummins


Among the highlights of the slate during Autumn, 2015 were strong, public education pieces like 'Crumlin', an embedded multi-part series on work at Ireland's largest paediatric hospital from a practitioner perspective, 'A Different Class', a two-part observational documentary on the first Educate Together secondary school in Ireland and 'These Walls Can Talk', an authored history of St. Joseph's School for Deaf Children.

The slate also broadcast a ninth series of 'What In The World', the long-running global affairs strand, as well as a nostalgic, one-off Christmas documentary, 'Fab - The Night The Beatles Came To Dublin'. We also broadcast three live shows during September from the National Ploughing Championships

We are currently in production on an observational series on a year in the life of Trinity College and a four-part, authored series on digital literacy. Other projects coming to air during 2016 include a multi-part live event on life in rural Ireland, three science-themed documentaries, a multi-part, authored series that looks documents Irish Traveller history and folklore and a second series of the heritage strand, 'Building Ireland'.

At least two of these series will have fully-formed digital aspects and, in general, this genre is keen on dual-platform story-telling and is interested in further exploring further opportunities in this respect. Projects that can co-exist on-line and that can endure before and after linear transmission are especially welcome.

We continue to be open to fresh perspectives in both Education and Science and all projects that can be re-skinned as practical teaching tools or with a Curricular focus will be given special consideration.

We also have a broad and diverse view of on-screen talent and how that talent is utilised.

Recent successes in the field of science-based output include 'Crumlin', 'The Sound Barrier', 'Building Ireland' and 'Unbreakable - The Mark Pollock Story', all of which had broad science themes at the root of strong, contemporary Irish stories.

RTÉ last year launched a joint initiative with Science Foundation Ireland and the first fruits of that relationship will be seen on screen over the coming nine months. Further opportunities under this initiative will be unveiled over the coming months.

We are also open to discussing strategic and funding partnerships, advertiser-funded programming and completion funding where appropriate. We have funded several recent projects in partnership with the B.A.I.'s Sound And Vision scheme and will continue to support particular proposals that comply with the spirit of that fund.



RTÉ Television has a strong reputation for quality programming in the Irish language and about the Irish language. We have long captured strong, unique issues, stories and voices and given them a platform in the heart of the RTÉ schedules, particularly on RTÉ One.

Recent output from Cláracha Gaeilge includes the long-running series 'Scannal', and 'Cloch Le Carn', both of which are multi-part, single-camera series that are produced in-house and that have played primarily on Mondays, RTÉ One, at 1930. In October, 2015, we debuted a new in-house series, 'The Geansaí', and launch 2016 with three documentaries on more lateral aspects of the 1916 rising, 'Ar Son Na Poblachta'. We launch two other new in-house strands between now and July, 2016.

Over the last number of years we have also broadcast a number of co-produced and co-funded projects, among them 'Deirfiúracha Na hEolaíochta' [BAI], 'Oíche Na Gaoithe Móire' [BBC N.I./ILBF/BAI], 'Guth na nGael' [BAI] and 'Wolfland' [RTÉ/BBC N.I./ILBF/BAI].

An authored four-part series on Irish politics in the television age, co-funded by B.A.I. will air in Autumn, 2016.

Cláracha Gaeilge will continue to seek funding, investment and support opportunities for proposals that can play in the RTÉ One and RTÉ 2 schedules. We are especially looking for projects that deal with aspects of life and living in contemporary Ireland and beyond.

Proposals should be relevant, have strong stories and characters at their core, have broad audience appeal and should be produced in the Irish language. They can be forward looking, rooted in the present and can be cross-genre, covering aspects of lifestyle, entertainment, education etc.

Proposals can be for multi-part series that can be scheduled in pre and post-watershed on RTÉ One and on RTÉ 2. These can be ongoing observational documentaries or closed narrative pieces.

We are especially interested in original formatted ideas in the Irish language and are always interested in distinctive, authored pieces and proposals with on-screen talent attached. These can be multi-part or one-offs in structure.

We are interested too in pursuing appropriate Advertiser-Funded opportunities and special consideration will be given to proposals with cross-platform and dual-platform potential.



Tá cáil mhaith ar Theilifís RTÉ maidir le cláracha ar ardchaighdeán a chur ar fáil i nGaeilge agus faoin nGaeilge. Is fada muid ag cur ábhar agus scéalta uathúla faoi bhráid an lucht féachana i gcroílár sceidil RTÉ, go háirithe ar RTÉ One.

I measc na gCláracha Gaeilge le déanaí bhí an tsraith sheanbhunaithe 'Scannal', 'Abhainn' agus 'Cloch le Carn'. Sraitheanna ilpháirte aon cheamara iad seo ar fad a léirítear in RTÉ agus a thaispeántar de ghnáth ar an Luan ar RTÉ One ag 19.30. Tá roinnt tionscadal a léiríodh agus a maoiníodh i gcomhar craolta againn le cúpla bliain, ina measc 'Deirfiúracha na hEolaíochta' [BAI], 'Oíche na Gaoithe Móire' [BBC N.I./ILBF/BAI], 'Guth na nGael' [BAI] agus 'Wolfland' [RTÉ/BBC N.I./ILBF/BAI].

Leanfaidh Cláracha Gaeilge ag lorg maoinithe, infheistíochta agus deiseanna tacaíochta do thograí is féidir a thaispeáint i sceideal RTÉ One agus RTÉ 2. Táimid ag lorg tionscadail a phléann le gach gné den saol in Éirinn agus lasmuigh di sa lá atá inniu ann.
Scéalta téagartha, ábhartha a mbeadh carachtair ina gcroílár atáimid a lorg sna tograí a ábhar arna léiriú i nGaeilge a bheadh tarraingteach do raon leathan den phobal.

Féadfaidh tograí a bheith i nGaeilge agus faoi ghnéithe den Ghaeilge. Féadfaidh siad a bheith réamhbhreathnaitheach, bunaithe san am i láthair agus meascán seánraí a bheith
i gceist agus gnéithe slí mhaireachtala, siamsaíochta, oideachais srl a bheith ag baint leo.

Féadfar tograí a chur ar aghaidh do shraitheanna ilpháirte a d'fhéadfaí a thaispeáint roimh an tairseach nó ina dhiaidh ar RTÉ One agus RTÉ2. D'fhéadfadh gur cláracha faisnéise breathnaitheacha leanúnacha a bheadh i gceist nó cláracha tráchtaireachta.

Tá suim ar leith againn i gcláracha Gaeilge a mbeadh leagan amach glan nua orthu chomh maith le hábhar nua-scríofa ar leith, a mbeadh na láithreoirí luaite leo.

Tá suim againn dul sa tóir ar dheiseanna cuí Maoiniú ó Fhógróirí agus breithneofar go háirithe tograí a bhainfeadh le hábhar a d'fhéadfaí a chraoladh ar níos mó ná ardán
amháin nó ar fud ardáin éagsúla.


RTÉ invites submissions for TG4 programming 2017 & 2018 under the category "Family Entertainment Series"

RTÉ is seeking proposals for pre-recorded, studio-based entertainment series in the Irish Language that will attract broad family audiences. It is intended to play these series in the prime-time schedule at weekends and the programmes will be broadcast on TG4.

Transmission Slot: TG4, Sunday 20:00

No. of Episodes: 26

Programme Duration: 50 minutes

Budget: €34,000 per hour

Sunday evenings on TG4 focus on the channel's core audience and is traditional family viewing time. It's a key slot in the TG4 schedule and needs to engage and entertain broad family audiences ; - this should be appointment to view TV for families on a Sunday night.

We are looking for new ideas for shiny floor, studio-based family entertainment series that could work in this slot and that can be recorded in front of live studio audiences. What entertains Irish families in 2017/2018 and can deliver strong, returnable, high-end television and create a recognisable brand? It could be reality, talent, panel or competition-based series but should incorporate a mix of elements, such as humour, music, competition, jeopardy, interactivity, tension and technology, and not be overly dependent on fast-paced dialogue.

We would like to commission 2 or 3 different series, totalling 26 episodes each year, for this slot - these series will be broadcast in the Spring and Autumn of 2017 & 2018. This tender has the potential to run for two to three years and be shared between production companies, depending on the ideas received and production models proposed. In addition to original ideas, we are open to considering formats which have been successful in other regions [but not seen on the major channels available in Ireland] with potential appeal for TG4 audiences in this slot.

Strong new presenter/on-screen talent for such series should be a key component of any idea pitched as part of this call for ideas. Please note series produced in a cost-effective manner and that can offer high production values will be particularly attractive.

We ask, in the first instance, that producers submit ideas into the eCommissioning system:
under the programme category Cláracha Gaeilge Education/Science "TG4 Sunday @ 20.00"

The closing date for receipt of submissions by RTÉ is 12 noon on Wednesday May 25th, 2016. Strict Deadline


RTÉ ag lorg aighneachtaí maidir le cláracha ar TG4 in 2017 & 2018 faoin gcatagóir
"Sraith Siamsaíochta don Teaghlach"

Tá RTÉ ag lorg tograí maidir le sraith siamsaíochta réamhthaifeadta stiúideo-bhunaithe i nGaeilge a tharraingeoidh lucht féachana leathan teaghlaigh. Is ar TG4 atá sé i gceist na sraitheanna seo a chraoladh le linn bhuaicam an sceidil ar an deireadh seachtaine.

Am sa Sceideal: TG4, Dé Domhnaigh 20:00

Líon Eipeasóidí: 26

Fad Cláir: 50 nóiméad

Buiséad: €34,000 san uair

Déanann TG4 freastal ar a phríomhlucht féachana tráthnóna Dé Domhnaigh ar am é a bhféachann an teaghlach ar fad ar an teilifís de ghnáth. Is am tábhachtach é i sceideal TG4 agus ní mór don ábhar a bheith siamsúil agus tarraingteach do lucht féachana leathan teaghlaigh; - ba chóir gur ábhar é a mbeadh teaghlaigh ag súil leis agus ag socrú féachaint air le chéile tráthnóna Dé Domhnaigh.

Táimid ag lorg smaointe nua do shraith snasta, siamsaíochta teaghlaigh stiúideo-bhunaithe a d'fheilfeadh an t-am seo sa sceideal agus a d'fhéadfaí a thaifeadadh os comhair lucht féachana beo sa stiúideo. Cad is ábhar siamsaíochta ann do theaghlaigh sa bhliain 2017/2018, ábhar láidir, teilifíse den scoth is féidir a thabhairt ar ais arís agus arís eile agus a bheidh ina bhranda inaitheanta? D'fhéadfadh sé gur seó réalaíoch, tallainne, painéil nó comórtas-bhunaithe a bheadh i gceist. Ba chóir meascán gnéithe a bheith i gceist mar greann, ceol, comórtas, contúirt, é a bheith idirghníomhach, teannas agus teicneolaíocht a bheith ann ach gan é a bheith ró-thapa ó thaobh na cainte.

Is mian linn coimisiúnú a dhéanamh ar 2 nó 3 shraith éagsúla a mbeadh 26 chlár i gceist i ngach bliain agus a bheidh le craoladh ag an am sin sa sceideal - déanfar na sraitheanna seo a chraoladh in Earrach agus i bhFómhar 2017 & 2018. D'fhéadfadh suas le dó nó trí de bhlianta a bheith i gceist leis an tairiscint seo agus d'fhéadfaí í a roinnt idir cuideachtaí léiriúcháin ag brath ar na smaointe a fhaightear agus na samhlacha léiriúcháin a mholtar. Chomh maith leis na bunsmaointe, cuirfimid fáilte roimh fhormáidí cláir ar éirigh go maith leo i réigiúin eile [ach nár taispeánadh ar mhórchainéil atá le fáil in Éirinn] agus a d'fhéadfadh a bheith tarraingteach do lucht féachana TG4 ag an am seo sa sceideal.
Ba chóir láithreoir/tallann cumasach do shraitheanna dá leithéid a ainmniú in aon smaointe a chuirfí chun cinn sa ghlaoch seo ar smaointe. Tabhair ar aird go gcuirfear suntas ar leith in aon sraith a léireofar ar bhealach costas-éifeachtach agus a mbeadh fiúntas mór léiriúcháin ag baint léi.

Iarraimid ar léiritheoirí a gcuid smaointe a chur ar aghaidh ar dtús ar an gcóras ríomhChoimisiúnaithe:
faoin gcatagóir Cláracha Gaeilge Oideachas/Eolaíocht "TG4 Dé Domhnaigh @ 20.00"

Ag 12 pm Dé Céadaoin an 25ú Bealtaine, 2016 an dáta deiridh a nglacfaidh RTÉ le haighneachtaí. Ní ghlacfar le hiarratais i ndiaidh na sprice.


Format Farm

We are always looking for ideas that can be developed or commissioned for Format Farm. For more information on Format Farm please click here


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