Updated - 06th April 2016


Head of Drama - Jane Gogan

Drama Development Executive - David Crean


RTÉ continues to develop a range of drama events, series and serials that will be scheduled from 2017 onwards.

We are looking for original drama with variety in tone and attitude that will both entertain and open up a view of contemporary life. RTÉ Drama needs to have broad popular appeal for Irish viewers first.

We look to producers to work with writers who can develop complex and intriguing stories that are relatable to an Irish audience yet have universal appeal. We will invest in drama series and serials of four or more episodes.

All RTÉ drama is currently post-watershed. Renewability of a format is something to be considered at an early stage while acknowledging that some stories, particularly those drawing on real life events will not extend beyond one serial event.

Stories based on real events have a high value to the audience but they need to be more than a retelling of the facts of the events: they need to capture the imagination in a different way.

RTÉ actively develops projects that will meet the objectives of BAI Sound and Vision financing as well as projects that are suited to international pre-sales and co-production. If helpful, RTÉ will work closely with producers in attaching financing partners. Co-production and co-financing is a high priority for RTÉ and we suggest producers talk to us early about projects they have in mind.

Should you wish to submit an idea for development investment you will need to register and submit on RTÉ's e-commissioning. Drama staff members are available to discuss ideas in advance of formal submission, a brief pitch from the writer and producer is useful at an early stage.

Some key points to keep in mind when submitting ideas to
RTÉ Drama:

. All submissions need to be submitted by an independent production company;

. Be courageous and don't try to second guess - we much prefer to see pitches that surprise , are intellectually challenging and push boundaries;

. No one drama defines the totality of RTÉ's ambition in the genre: we always look for something we haven't seen before;

. Keep pitches concise -make sure that they are well thought through and have a considered point and purpose. The point of the drama is more interesting at an early stage than an elaborate telling of the story;

. Avoid following trends or mimicking what others have done;

. If you are submitting a period drama we will look for contemporaneous relevance in the idea;

. Co-production and co-financing are a high priority - be prepared to discuss financing options when you pitch;

. We don't accept unsolicited 'writer only' projects.


Access to the heart of RTÉ Drama for new writers, producers and directors is essential to what we do and in this respect we encourage producers and writers at the beginning of their careers to engage with StoryLand. StoryLand is an on-line drama commission specifically designed to nurture producers, writers, directors, cast and HODs with a particular emphasis on their creative and entrepreneurial skillset.

Information on the next round of StoryLand will be broadly circulated and available soon on www.rte.ie/drama/tv.

We don't have deadlines for drama and we want to have active discussions with producers and writers at an early stage of planning.

Drama staff members are available to discuss ideas in advance of formal submission.


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